How to carry out a treatment against gill flukes


Unfortunately, my discus fish momentarily suffer from gill flukes. I used sera mycopur in combination with sera ectopur according to the instructions for treating them. On which treatment day may I expect an improvement?

first signs of improvement can usually be seen after 2 - 5 days, depending on how severe the infestation is. Complete recovery may take up to 2 weeks, the main part of which is convalescence. Using sera med Professional Tremazol according to the instructions is recommended especially in severe cases of gill fluke infection.

It is important to get a proper diagnosis (preferably by microscopic examination of a skin swab - do not take this directly from the very sensitive gills, but  behind them!) as soon as possible if you are suspecting gill flukes. Gill tissues are very badly damaged by the parasitic worms and do not entirely recover in case of severe, long-lasting infestation. Affected fish will then remain short-winded for the rest of their lives in spite of a successful treatment.

The typical heavy breathing with open gill lids is at least partly not caused by the flukes themselves but by the mucus the fish exretes for defense, and which literally clogs the gill tissues. sera ectopur helps the fish remove this mucus from their gills.


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