Which crabs are suitable for aquariums?


Can you recommend a freshwater crab that has low requirements, is not aggressive and lives for a rather long time?

"Purple arm crabs", Pseudosesarma moeshi, or closely related species are probably the most common species offered in the trade.

However, it is is advisable to add some salt (0.5 - 1 %) for this brackish water (Mangrove zone!) species. The aquarium additionally must provide a land part that the crabs can easily climb upon, plenty of hideaways are also recommended. The air above the water surface must also be warm (about 25 °C). Important: The aquarium must be covered so they cannot escape; the crabs are good climbers!

Feeding is not a problem, sera crabs natural is perfectly suited. The animals will also eat all common types of fish food (especially tablets) such as sera O-nip, sera Spirulina Tabs or sera viformo.

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sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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