Water smells bad


I have had a 60 cm aquarium for half a year. It smells very bad, in spite of siphoning the bottom and changing about 15 liters of water every week. Is there anything I can do against it?

it is important to act without delay, because the unpleasantly smelling gases are very toxic for the fish! In case coarse gravel is used as bottom material, it is helpful if you poke through the bottom with a gravel washer every time you change water. Sand generally tends to clog less, it just has to be round grained sand (not sharp edged crushed sand!). It is also highly recommended to add some trumpet snails. These mainly live within the bottom material and loosen it (they are therefore also nicknamed "earthworms of the aquarium). These snails do not cause any harm at all and are about the most useful creatures you can put into an aquarium.

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Dr. Bodo Schnell


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