What do I need for setting up a saltwater aquarium with 220 liters?


I purchased a triangular aquarium with 220 liters and would like to know what I need for setting up a saltwater aquarium. I read your sera guide about setting up a saltwater aquarium, but I would like to know in detail what exactly I need (pump, filter system etc.) for setting up my aquarium.

you should include the following:

* heater (the wattage depends on the desired water temperature as well as the surrounding temperature)

* lighting (type and intensity depend on the animals you keep)

* a protein skimmer that removes organic matter from the water

* a biofilter for breaking down the remaining pollutant parameters

* possibly flow pumps, preferably with intake protection (sponge), e.g. sera F 400 adjustable or sera F 700 adjustable (the number depends on the setup and the desired/required current conditions)

The main part of the setup should consist of so-called live rock, by which a complex living community gets into the aquarium, making the continuous care considerably easier.

Furthermore, you must of course define the thematic direction it is supposed to have before stocking the tank, e.g. coral reef, clownfish/anemone, gobies/pistol shrimps etc. Not only the setup but also the technical equipment depend on this - for instance, reef forming stony corals that live on the photo synthesis products of the symbiotic algae that live in their tissues require much higher light intensity than soft corals that live without such symbiotic corals.

Only a few not too big fish can be kept in an aquarium of the mentioned size. Saltwater fish, even relatively small ones, usually have much higher space requirements than most similarly sized freshwater fish!

You should therefore have defined the fish and invertebrate stock before beginning to set up the aquarium!


Best regards

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Dr. Bodo Schnell


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