Trigonostigma (formerly: Rasbora) espei are courting


Among others, I am keeping a shoal of Trigonostigma (formerly: Rasbora) espei. Most of the females have become "thicker" about two weeks ago, and I suspect they are ready to spawn. Also, the males show display behavior before them and chase them.

This indeed sounds as if there will be offspring soon!

Which water parameters are ideal for breeding?

The water should be soft and slightly acidic, peat filtration is ideal! The fish courting and being ready to spawn already indicates suitable care conditions.

How large must the breeding tank at least be?

A small tank about 30 cm long is sufficient.

Do I transfer the fish in pairs?

Yes, and you should try to leave fish together that have already formed a pair and court together.

I know they are substrate spawners that attach their eggs to leaves. Which leaves are suitable, e.g. Cryptocorynes or even broader leaves such as Echinodorus?

Both are well suited, except for the few very narrow leaved Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus species.

The most important thing: How can I feed the fry, are Artemia nauplii too large?

Artemia nauplii plus sera micron are OK after a few days. Furthermore, self-bred infusoria are highly recommended for the very first days. You can breed them from aquarium water with an added small amount of sera micron. You can take the developing micro organisms out and feed them to the fish fry with a pipette.

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