Angelfish behave apathetically


I have had a problem with my 4 angelfish for a while, they do not want to eat and just "hang around" in one spot.

that may indicate polluted water and/or (beginning) dropsy induced by it. If there are other, stronger fish in the tank it is also possible that the angelfish are suppressed by them and try not to attract attention as to avoid being attacked.

First I had them in a 180 liter community aquarium. Now I have transferred them into a 60 liter aquarium as I thought they would not like company and feel better alone, but there is no improvement.

In the long run, angelfish can be kept only in much larger tanks; about 200 - 250 liters are the minimum for a pair. Other fish and especially members of their own kind will vehemently be attacked at least when they become mature and a pair forms - every additional angelfish then is a 100 % death candidate. It is possobly to keep more than two (1/1) adult angelfish only in well structured aquariums larger than 500 liters, and even this does not always work without problems.
A 60 cm tank is suitable only for juveniles, the fish must be put into a larger tank in time as they grow.

After all, they are not supposed to be that complicated.

Well - despite their popularity, they are large cichlids with according space requirements; you should not underestimate the territorial requirements and the readiness to fight for them.

What am I doing wrong, how can I make them eat?

The fish should be transferred into a large and abundantly structured (preferably vertically growing plants and vertically positioned roots) tanks; also the water must be checked for possible pollutants.

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