sera costapur F: Application tips


Do I have to switch off the lights and the CO2 fertilization when treating with sera costapur F?

both may remain switched on; however, you should observe the fish breathing and possibly reduce CO2 addition. Since there is a common misunderstanding: The advice on the package saying that UV lamps must be switched off does not refer to the fluorescent tubes commonly used for lighting aquariums (these hardly emit any UV at all!), but exclusively to so-called "UV clarifiers" used in the filter circuit.

Are the sera bio nitrivec bacteria harmed by this treatment?

Hardly at all, there will be no significant filter performance reduction.

Will the fish not be harmed by some prolonged light withdrawal?

No, this will not happen - the plants are more likely to be affected, but then you do not need not switch off the lights anyway (see above, please).

How long should a treatment last at the maximum?

If no considerable improvement has taken place after about 8 days, it is recommended to interrupt the treatment and use sera med Professional Protazol instead (also see FAQ "White spots on the fish", please).

Do I have to filter through carbon afterwards?

This is at least advisable; several larger water changes (2 - 3 times 50 % each, every 1 - 2 days) are an alternative.

And, finally, is continuous aeration by all means necessary?

"By all means necessary" may be a rather strict expression, but aeration during treatment is in any case indeed strongly recommended, especially as Ichthyophthirius also can infect the gills.

If the fish breathe heavily, you should in any case aerate immediately


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