Problems with newly added plants/Questions about fertilizer dosage


We have newly set up our 240 liter aquarium about two and a half weeks ago. We used your product (2 "large" buckets") as a bottom gravel fertilizer. The plants generally grow fairly well. However, the leaves unfortunately become very pale and thin.
what kinds of plants are they? It is absolutely normal that the leaves of swamp plants such as Echinodorus or Anubias species dissolve at the beginning: These plants are cultivated emersed (with their leaves in the air), they discard these leaves in case of submersed (under water) life and grow new ones. The
submersed leaves may have different shapes than the emersed ones, giving the plant a different optical appearance afterwards!
Measuring the water parameters revealed that there is hardly any iron.

This is not too important at the beginning, regular fertilization does not begin until the plants have grown on and start growing new leaves. However, iron can not be detected when using bottom fertilizers anyway, this is normal. The nutrients are by and by released, and then immediately taken up by the roots, thus there are no considerable amounts freely in the water which could be monitored).

Do we need to add other fertilizers apart from the bottom gravel fertilizer? If yes: How can we check when to use which product?

You can monitor "only" liquid fertilizers such as sera florena (see above for an explanation, please). Bottom fertilizers (sera florenette A, sera floreplus) are dosed according to the plants; you will quickly get a feeling for it (just as with indoor or garden plants).

Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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