Newly added Cardinal Tetras are pale


I have a question concerning two Cardinal Tetras I purchased yesterday. The fish are paler than my other Cardinals, however the color has actually become more intense since yesterday. The paler one of the new Cardinals in my opinion still shows a slightly higher breathing frequency, and the bright stripe is not fully iridescent. At first I thought the problems to be due to me having a blackwater aquarium (pH just below 7) and the purchased fish apparently originating from water that was not acidified.

this is indeed possible, and it can also simply be due to fright when transferring them. This should then become better in two or three days. The color of one of the fish having already become more intense also points in this direction.

Would it also be possible that these are less beautifully colored?

This is very unlikely - there are (rarely) silver or gold colored variants, but these can be recognized as such and then also do not show the well known red/blue color combination.

Or did I get into trouble with the purchase?

I do not think so at the moment. Transfer stress is more likely, as mentioned above.

What can I do for the fish?

At the moment: Avoid unnecessary stress/fright (e.g. due to fast movements in front of the aquarium).

Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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