Newly added plants turn yellow / Leaves decompose


I have newly set up an aquarium with 112 liters. Until now, only plants are in it but no fish yet. Now the plant leaves turn yellow to brown before they fall apart.

this is absolutely normal with many plants. They also need to adapt, and especially the species with large leaves (e.g. Echinodorus spp.Anubias spp.) are originally swamp plants that are bred emersed (i.e. with their leaves in the air) in the nurseries. They discard these leaves when being transferred to submerged (entirely under water) life. Do not throw away the plant in this case, it will usually grow new leaves - the leaf shape, however, can then look different than when you purchased the plant, this is normal as well!

Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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