"Moss balls" / Food amount


I purchased a moss ball (Cladophora).

this is in fact not a moss at all, but a (desired in this case) green alga.

How do I have to handle it? Does it have special requirements?

It is sufficient to just place it in the tank and rinse it slightly in case it is clogged with sludge. The "moss balls" do not have high requirements and will do well under almost all conditions. However, they usually grow slowly.

Will it grow/multiply?

Yes it will, but rather slowly as mentioned above. You can simply divide large balls in half, the parts will then again grow to form balls.
You can also open the balls and attach them to a rock or a root.

Does it really support water filtration?

Yes it does, just like every other plant.

And: How much can I feed my fish as to limit algae growth? I feed once daily, as much as is eaten within 2 minutes (nothing sinks to the bottom, except a catfish tablet every other day), nevertheless I have too many algae.

The food amount sounds reasonable, provided the tank is not stocked too densely. It is best to not feed at all 1 - 2 days per week.

Does the number of plants have anything to do with this?

Yes, this is the case - few plants also withdraw only few nutrients from the water!

How many should I have then?

As many as possible, without obstructing the swimming space for the fish too much!


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Dr. Bodo Schnell


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