Internal filter sera F 400 - is it possible to redirect the water current?


Do you have the instructions for use for the sera F 400 filter?

the instructions can be downloaded from our web site, and of course we also e-mail them on request!

I would like to know whether the upper part (the "block") needs to be entirely submerged.

Yes, the filter must indeed be completely submerged.

I would like to agitate the water surface somewhat stronger and therefore want to place the outlet tube in a higher location.

In this case you can redirect the water current, e.g. with a hose pushed onto the outlet nozzle or by using a pipe system made of PVC pipe and angled connectors.

The sera fil 60 und 120 filters provide an alternative that already includes this option. These filters also make use of a sponge cartridge, which is, however, located inside a casing.


Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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