Fish stock questions for a 190 liter aquarium


I purchased a 190 liter aquarium. I wish to keep the following fish in it:

4 Ancistrus catfish

two are sufficient; better only add fish of the same gender if you do not have takers for the very numerous babies!

3 Port Hoplos (Megalechis thoracata, formerly Hoplosternum thoracatum)

Growing to almost 20 cm, these fish become too large for the tank!

6 - 8 Neon Rainbowfish

This is OK.

10 White Cloud Mountain Minnows

I do not recommend this. This species requires cool temperatures (do not heat the aquarium water!) and is not suitable for keeping together with tropical fish.

Does this utilize the entire capacity, or could I add more fish, and if yes, which fish would be suitable?

You could, for example, considerably increase the rainbowfish group and add a group of about 10 Corydoras catfish (in that case use sand bottom!). You might consider a pair of gouramis such as Dwarf Gouramis (Colisa lalia) or Honey Gouramis (C. sota/chuna) as surface orientated fish.

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Dr. Bodo Schnell


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