Fish stock for a community tank / Salt in the water


Is the following fish stock OK for a 100 liter tank (about 80 net liters considering gravel and decoration)? 4 male Guppies, 8 females, 2 Platy pairs, 5 Corydoras, 2-3 Otocinclus, 1 Dwarf Gourami pair. Or is the tank too full already?

half as many Guppies are enough, they multiply quickly! The rest is basically OK, but the number of Corydoras and Otocinclus should be higher (6 - 8 specimens each).

Do they all have the same requirements concerning the water hardness and the pH value, or is this compilation not optimal?

It is possible, but be sure to purchase livebearers (guppies and platies) that are adapted to soft water. Soft, slightly acidic water should be used in the aquarium as the other fish prefer it.

Or should I rather add some Neon Tetras as well?

No, this would be too much, especially since the vividly swimming livebearers are not optimal for a tank with calm tetras.

Is salt OK for all fish?

No, it is not: Gentle transfers and good water maintenance provided, salt is not only unnecessary but generally causes more damage than benefit. A treatment is only carried out in case of actual disease outbreaks. Prevention does not mean to add treatments (and this includes salt in this context) "preventively" to the water.


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