Add hatchetfish to existing fish stock?


I have 9 Marbled Corydoras, 5 Neon Tetras, 3 juvenile Ancistrus, 2 Reticulated Loaches (Botia lohachata) and 2 Bolivian Rams in my 80 cm tank. Therefore, there is rather a lot going on near the bottom - almost too much, quite different from the water surface and the middle water layers (since the Rams also mostly dwell just above the bottom ground). Can I add, for instance, hatchetfish to this community, or would I then hopelessly overstock the aquarium? I do have another 60 cm tank into which I could put the Rams, but I do not know if that would go well. What is your opinion about this?

A few hatchetfish can be added if the tank is well structured and abundantly planted - however, they are very surface orientated; for the middle zones it is better to increase the Neon Tetra group to 10 - 12 fish. The aquarium must by all means be covered very carefully when keeping hatchetfish, these fish jump unbelievably well and find even the smallest gaps! Jumps of over a meter are not unlikely even with small specimens!

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