Treatment of skin flukes on fancy guppies


skin flukes have appeared in one of my tanks in which I keep self-bred fancy guppy fry along with some Corydoras. The infection is obvious on the guppies, whereas I am not sure with the Corydoras. The product sera med Professional Tremazol is apparently excellently suited in this case. 

How do I use it best? Should I take all fish out and treat them in a separate tank? Or in the rearing tank?

both is alright, since skin and gill flukes are usually very specific to a certain host, i.e. a species that affects guppies will usually not affect the catfish. On the other hand, the active agent is well tolerated so you may as well treat the "normal" tank with all fish in it.


Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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