Conditioning R/O water with sera mineral salt for angelfish


I wish to use sera mineral salt for conditioning R/O water according to the requirements of angelfish. No other kind of water is available. Is this possible, and how?

this is possible without any problems, sera mineral salt has been developed exactly for this kind of purpose after all!

The dosage depends on the desired hardness; 5 g per each 100 Liter lead to a KH increase of 0.6 °dKH and a GH increase of 1.3 °dGH.

I suggest about 5 °dGH and a carbonate hardness of 3 - 4 °dKH for angelfish and other fish from similar biotopes. First use 20 g/100 liters sera mineral salt to do so, this will raise the GH to slightly above 5 °dGH. You can then increase the KH separately with sera KH/pH-plus. If required (if it does not go down anyway, which is usually the case) the pH can be lowered by peat filtration; this will, however, also lower the hardness again to a certain amount.


Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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